What is Smile Makeover?

A beautiful smile is the prettiest thing you can have. Without a shiny smile you can’t feel yourself charming. A very beautiful, pearl white smile is the only thing makes you more self-confident. With a nice smile you will look younger, clean and healthy as well.

‘’Smile Makeover’’ is a comprehensive, tailor made, total of applications aiming the overall correction of the patients smile, appearance and function as well. As much as aesthetic issues, smile makeover should be sustainable. The planning, choosing the right material and restoration is very determinative about the long-term esthetic and strength. A successful Smile Makeover means long term white, bright and which stayed intact with painless and good function.

What Are The Advantages of Smile Makeover?

A complete and a tailor-made approach of your smile and all your teeth appearance can bring the most satisfactory results. If your teeth are not white enough or not straight, your gum is not even or healthy you can have all corrected only with a complete smile makeover.

Many different factors and problems can cause bad aesthetic about your smile. So we should use different techniques and esthetic enhancing applications to have the best result. 

As we get old many changes can occur about our smile. Our teeth become more crowded and darker also because abrasion teeth get shorter and smaller. In mean time instead of your upper teeth lower teeth became more visible and that makes you look older than your actual age. As the vertical dimension of your teeth get shorter you will have droopy mouth corners. When the teeth become flatten they lose the ability of chewing as well. 

A complete smile makeover does not only mean esthetic, replacing your bite, chewing and talking function loss improves your life-quality and general health conditions. As you eat better it means better nutrition. 

Restoration of  the teeth and the bite also reduce the overload forces to the joints of the jaw. You reduce the risk of pain and disorder at the joints of the jaw.

All these problems can be solved with a high experienced specialist of smile makeover.

 How is Smile Makeover Applied?

There is no standard Smile Makeover package for everyone. It should be planned personally. Needs and expectations are differs from person to person. Age, desires, gender, expectations, type of the problem, conditions of the initial conditions of teeth and the mouth determine the details of the treatment.

What are the Techniques for Smile Makeover?

First of all a detailed analysis should be done, including patient expectations. Then we make mock-ups (drafts) on photographs and in the mouth virtually.

Different types of dental applications can be used in combination:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Veneers
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Implants
  • Gum Contouring
  • Additional non-surgical esthetic procedures 

For simple cases we create perfect results with small touches. Depending on the complexity of the case we use different applications.

Why is Smile Makeover Needed?

Every patient, every smile is unique and has personal needs so can be solved with tailor made solutions. We need makeover for making the smile and all your lower face and look whiter, shinny and younger. Also for fixing the damages of ages we desperately need Makeover. If it is not enough to fix ‘’some teeth’’ a complete Smile makeover approach is a must.

smile makeover

Who Are The Right Candidates for Smile Makeover?

All the people who is not happy with his or her smile are all candidates for Smile Makeover. The patient who are looking for their smile and eating/ chewing quality of their younger ages are also best candidates for Smile Makeover. 

How Long Does It Take To Apply Smile Makeover?

Depending on the road map of the treatment planned at the beginning it takes 8-10 days.

What To Do Before Smile Makeover Treatment?

  • Detailed analysis of the patient with photographs, videos and x-rays should be done.
  • Listening the patient is the key factor for the starting point.

We produce the working models of the every patient to see the status of the mouth in 3-D and to make drafts of the final restorations. We apply these drafts on patients mouth to see the imitation of the new smile and discuss with the patient.

What Happens During Smile Makeover Treatment?

Every procedure is done with local anesthesia. So there is no pain. And if we do drilling, we put temporary restoration just after the application. Thus during the all treatment patients will be all comfortable with eating, talking. They do not have to stay toothless.

What To Do After Smile Makeover Treatment?

Every Smile Makeover patient have different status. The most important thing is to follow the precautions recommended by your doctor. As we create a new organ, a new mouth for you it will take some adaptation time. Having professional controls and brushing and flossing is the best key to look after your new smile.

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