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patient rights

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Dear Patient and Their Relatives,

It is our sincerest wish that you have the best medical service as Arvinda Health. If you know your rights and responsibilities, the quality of service you receive here will increase and your health will be protected. By reminding your responsibilities, we promise to protect your rights.

You can ask any question about your rights and responsibilities to the person who serves you, to your doctor or to the patient relations representatives.

As a patient, the rights my legal representative and I have:


  • To know that my right to live will not be violated under any circumstances.

Benefit from Health Services:

  • To receive health care and protective health services within the scope of justice and equity.
  • To receive medical care and treatment without any discrimination of race, faith, color, nationality, language, family, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, health insurance, economic and social conditions.
  • To receive satisfactory service with regards to medical codes of conduct, international quality standards, technology, comfort and human relations.
  • To know that the priority rights are given according to law, medical criteria and in an objective manner.

Information and Communication

  • To know the name and professional title of the person to whom applied for service.
  • To ask for clear information about my state of health, medical procedures, the advantages and disadvantages of these procedures, the course of my disease and alternative treatment options.
  • To know about the relation between Medipol Health Group and other health or education establishments regarding the service procedure.
  • To examine medical records and ask for correction if need be within the scope of the law.
  • To be kindly informed according to my values, beliefs, respect to my life philosophy and appropriate for my mood.
  • To be aware that I am in a university hospital and therefore, some of the medical services might be part of the educational process for the medical students.
  • To ask for translation services if need be.

Opportunity to Choose and Change the Health Care Provider

  • To choose and change the doctor, medical personnel, health care provider and treatment method after being informed.

Privacy and Respect to Private Life

  • To ask for attention to every kind of privacy policy, essential visual and aural secrecy. To have hospital attendant and determine my visitors within the scope of hospital rules.


  • To ask for privacy for my medical papers, source of payment and every contact information even post-mortem except for law indicated exceptions.
  • To know that without my, Ministry of Health or my legal representative’s permission there will be no medical intervention for research or education, and when I take part in a research, my name will not be published without my consent.

Assent (Consent)

  • To be asked for consent before every kind of identification method or treatment except for emergencies and law indicated situations.
  • To know that when I am no longer able to indicate my consent my predetermined transplantation, organ donation wishes will be carried on according to law and regulations.

Refusing and Stopping the Treatment

  • To refuse the treatment as long as the law permits and to be informed about its consequences.

Pain Management

  • To ask for the evaluation and elimination of the pain with proper ways.


  • To consult to other doctors when my doctor deems necessary or at my request.


  • To be protected from any danger and abuse for safety of my life and property.

Benefit from Religious Services

  • To perform my religious duties within the bounds of possibility and to receive social and psychological support.

Complaint and Compensation

  • To submit my complaints, thanks or suggestions and to be informed about the procedure of the review of my complaint and its result with privacy to my legal rights. To have compensation if I suffer from physical, moral or psychological damage during my treatment.

The responsibilities my legal representative and I as a patient have:

Providing Information

  • To give every information correctly and in time about my current complaints, previous treatments, the medicines that I take and every other information concerning my health.
  • To inform my doctor and other medical personnel about unexpected changes and possible noncuncurrences during my treatment.

Following the Advices

  • To participate wholly to my care and treatment and to cooperate with the personnel in every way.
  • To ask whenever I do not understand about the procedures, medications, treatment, advices and the expectations from me and to inform my doctor and other medical personnel when I am not able to achieve any of them.

Refusing the Planned Treatment

  • To accept the consequences if I refuse the recommended treatment plan.

Pain Management

  • To inform my doctor and other medical personnel about my pain and to cooperate with them during the treatment.

Rules and Applications

  • To follow the rules and practices such as visitors and hospital attendance.
  • To follow the date and time of my appointments except for emergencies and to inform about the changes.
  • To inform about the changes of my health, social security and personal information in time.
  • To be transferred in proper time and conditions according to Private Hospitals Regulations in case of contagious disease.

Examination and Treatment Expenses

  • To state the institution to cover my health expenses, to provide the necessary papers after the emergencies.
  • To pay the examination and treatment expenses in due time.


  • To respect the other patients, their families, the personnel and to help with the noise and confusion.

Avoid an Inappropriate Request

  • Avoid to make an inappropriate request related to the procedure or medicine that is not included in the treatment plan.

Payment Responsibility

  • Not to destroy the personal belongings of other patients, personnel and the assets of the hospital and in case of any damage, cover those expenses. 

Sincerely yours,
Arvinda Health