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Arvinda Health International Office Coordinates All Your Needs

Our International Office welcomes each patient as a personal VIP guest and provides a high-quality service in their own language and according to their own cultural norms. We provide 24/7 services based to make all healthcare services that you will get from our hospital easier and more comfortable with an expert team more than 60 people. All you need is to spend your energy and time to help your recovery.

We appreciate the concerns in selecting to go to abroad for services either for a routine healthcare control or treatment of a difficult disease and we endeavor to cater for all of your needs and concerns.

What We Can Do For You!

Free Medical Second Opinion Services:

Free Medical Second Opinion Services:

When you decide to travel to another country for diagnosis or treatment, to know the details such as treatment or diagnostic tests, hospitalization period and prices before your departure will make your decision easier. You may be informed about your process from our physicians and financial predictions when you send medical documents to us. Furthermore, a second opinion from a different physician will make you feel more comfortable during your medical process.

Travel and Accommodation Organization:

When you decide to come to our hospital, our expert logistic team provides services for visa process, transportation and reservations, hotel reservation with competitive prices from our contracted hotels, welcome and farewell services as free of charge.

Travel and Accommodation Organization:
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Hospital Period:

Our patient representative who is interested in your file will have taken all appointments and made all preparations if you will be hospitalized. Our experts will be providing all services that you may need such as support in your mother tongue, in-hospital assistance during your stay in our hospital. Furthermore, our kitchen may prepare dishes for your taste and our praying room is open 7/24 for your service.

Discharge Services and Follow-up after Discharge:

The treatment file in English submitted to you at the end of the treatment is delivered to keep in your personal archive. Furthermore, we are happy to perform your controls that we follow remotely when you contact us via e-mail as free of charge.

Discharge Services and Follow-up after Discharge
Treatment & Enjoy:

Treatment & Enjoy:

Istanbul is a fantastic city settled on two continents and 7 hills which is unique in the world. Istanbul waits for you to discover the historic fabric, shopping and cuisine culture. Our expert team would be happy to provide all support to enjoy Istanbul and to inform you about International and great sports and art events which are frequently performed in our city.