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What is “Hollywood smile”?

Who can say no to a celebrity design smile? Your first impressions are the most lasting especially your smile. Nowadays, it has become possible to have a beautiful smile that highlights the person as much as her/his appearance, with a smile design. Hollywood smile or smile design is totally a cosmetic process to empower your smile. As you can see from its name, Hollywood Smile is the most aesthetics smile. Beautiful and attentive teeth, a confident smile… And more… Everyone can now have this natural and perfect smile design that they always wish. Hollywood Smile is a type of aesthetic smile design that has been trending all over the world in recent years. You are not alone about thinking of chancing your smile; lots of famous people chose to Hollywood smile such as Victoria Beckham, Zac Efron, Kate Middleton and Blake Lively.

Thanks to the state-of-art technology, you can choose and change your smile and even try it out before the procedure. There are various softwares to show you your future smile and design it. With this technology you can see the results and design your smile to the finest detail.

Smile design is a combine treatment which can be chosen according to your needs. You are only one step back to; a perfect smile, improved chewing and eating anything you wish, gain any self-confidence with reliant speech.

Quick Summary About the Procedure

Who is a good candidate for Hollywood smile?

Everyone wants that perfect smile, but does everyone can be a good candidate? Answer is hidden in your mouth and its needs. Some patients need dental implants, dental veneers or dental crowns or just whitening. Almost everybody can be a good candidate for this smile design but the steps and requirements can vary due to your jaws and teeth. You will be informed about whole procedures and limitations at your consultation by your dentist. Below we listed possible treatment steps that can be involved in Hollywood smile teeth.

1. Whitening

If you just want to brighter and unstained teeth, you can consider only the whitening treatments. Discoloration of your teeth will go away you will have squeaky white teeth. To be honest, this is what everyone wishes!

2. Dental veneers

Veneers can be used in patients who has healthy teeth and do not have alignment problem or minor problems to worry about. they can not fix the irregularities such as shape of the back teeth but can be corrected by bridges or implants. Sometimes -all of them can combine together.  Today even our kids want better smiles to feel better, in this case we should take into account everything. Ceramic veneers can be used but it is a serious procedure any can affect the teeth, jaw and gums growth and development. If our young patient and his/her patients are ready to proceed any further costs we recommend going with a temporary solution like composite veneers.

3. Dental crowns

Crowns can also define as “cap” of the damaged teeth. If the patient has missing or damaged teeth and the alignment is problematic, crowns should be introduced. Unlike dental veneers they do not cover just the front side of the tooth, they located over a tooth. These crowns allow a simple replacement for lost teeth in the form of bridges that is not possible with veneers. Hollywood smile procedure generally consists of dental crown treatment. Patients with lack of numerous teeth, damaged shaped and also dead teeth can introduce crowns. Also patients have the ability to change their older crowns with the new ones.

4. Dental implants

Implant procedure does not need to be done to every patient. However, in order for this smile design to be perfect, missing teeth must be removed. In this case, implant therapy comes into play. It is of great importance to eliminate tooth loss in order to obtain an aesthetic and symmetrical tooth appearance. In addition to all these, different treatments can be applied in cases such as tooth decay. After the examination, detailed information will be given to the patient about which procedures will be applied.

Where is the best destination for Hollywood smile?

Hollywood smile also called as celebrity smile, is a growing trend worldwide. This procedure requires a high-quality doctors and expert medical team like other dental treatments. Patients who live in highly developed countries such as UK, US or Germany prefer the dental tourism option. Choosing dental tourism can provide the patients, the equal treatments with lower prices in developing countries such as Turkey, Mexico, Poland, Thailand and Hungary. Turkey is raising for the last decade with its success in the dentistry field. Experienced, energetic, English-speaker and friendly medical team, international licensed clinics and hospitals, state-of-art technology are the major pros. Also, even the best and most popular clinics offers affordable prices with a high quality of service. CEREC and CAD/CAM are the kinds of latest computer-aided technology devices to serve better the patients. These systems provide better results for example in dental veneers and crowns.

dentist implant

What are the steps for Hollywood smile?

There are 3 steps to explain “What is Hollywood smile procedure?” when you decide to receive a Hollywood smile.

1. Medical consultation

At your first medical consultation you will meet with your dentist and explain about your expectations and dreamy smile. The medical history and current situation will be discussed at this consultation. Also, you can explain your preferred new teeth in the terms of shape, color and length. The patient’s mouth will be photographed and be used for preview work and for temporary veneers.

2. Smile design preview and application

Softwares such as Dental GPS helps you to try your new smile and teeth, if you are satisfied dental plan will go on. Thanks to this latest technology you can be sure that “you will get what you have seen”. Than, your dentist will start preparing a model of your mouth especially you teeth for temporary veneers and decide for the material. The model will be sent to the off-site laboratory to be prepared. Due to your situation, a local anesthesia may be considered.

3. Permanent placement

At this final visit you will have your permanent veneers. first you will try them to fit perfectly, your dentist will clean and polish your teeth and make sure our veneer adhered to your teeth. Once your veneer placed into your teeth special light will be used to harden the adhesion. At the end, your dentist check your final appearance and assessed your bite. Now it is time to enjoy your celebrity smile!

smile makeover before after

How much does it cost?

Hollywood smile procedure price vary by the treatment steps (dental implant, veneers, crowns or just whitening) and country. Table is given to show you clearly Hollywood smile cost per country in US dollars.


Cost in US dollars


$ 18.300


$ 27.300


$ 21.500


$ 10.330


$ 9.200


$ 18.600


$ 10.300


$ 8.250


$ 8.750

As you see from the table, you can see how much cost Hollywood smile in Turkey. Main reason of getting the equal treatment with lower prices is to exchange rate and living costs. Turkey always welcomes you with latest technology and expert medical team via competitive prices.

What are the risks?

  • Escalated tooth sensitivity: When you eat or drink something too hot or cold, it might cause discomfort at the area. If you be careful what you eat for a short while, it cannot be counted as a problem.
  • Tooth discoloration: It is important to maintain to keep your daily oral hygiene, yellow and stained tooth will be no issue.
  • Receding gums: According to the patients age, the treated area can suffer by a touch of food, beverage or also brush. But these areas are already prone even without any surgery.
  • Loss of sense of taste: Sense of taste can be loss usually by age itself in older people, but all dental treatments are also effective naturally.

How long does the Hollywood smile take?

The Hollywood smile makeover plan change patient to patient. Depending on the compass of the treatment and its steps, your treatment duration could involve one or more visits. You will be informed about your treatment schedule. Below are some examples to give you a clearer picture.

  • Whitening: Usually one hour only at one visit.
  • Porcelain veneers: Usually two or three visits.
  • Tooth bonding: Two or three steps at one visit.
  • Lumineers: Usually two or three visits.
  • Dental implants: Usually two or three visits.

How long does the recovery and downtime?

This is pretty much the same for the other dental treatments. But the recovery time depends on the operation and patients’ general health status. For example, if you need dental veneers and have that operation, you will have short recovery time compared to dental implants operation. Because implant treatments are much more complicated and need more time to heal, the recovery time is longer. Additionally, a proper nutrition diet and regular checkups will boost your health and shorter your recovery time. Averagely, there is no downtime related with celebrity smile since it is not more than a traditional dental treatment.

What are the statistics of Hollywood smile?

Turkey’s growth of dental tourism is not a surprise when you take into account, countries well-educated and friendly medical team, state-of-art technology devices and hospitals. In highly developed countries, cost of living is higher and hence the treatment costs are higher by implication. Hollywood smile cost in Turkey is lower compared to the countries such as UK, US and Canada because of exchange rate between the Turkish liras and euros/dollars. You have the chance that having the same treatment by saving your money up to %70 and visiting this beautiful country. Turkey is welcome more than a million patient in 2019 with a %370 increasing and this number is growing day by day.


Hollywood smile is a kind of cosmetic surgery and it depends on your dreamy smile. The dental treatment plan varies according to your teeth, jaw and gum. Possible operations can be listed as: teeth whitening, dental implants, dental veneers, dental crowns.

Typically, majority of the patients remark that there is no pain during and after the process. In small number of cases, patients feel very little of discomfort.

Duration of Hollywood smile depends on the operations you have. But thanks to current technology, averagely 10-15 years or almost two decades, patients do not need to renew the treatment.

Hollywood smile teeth depends on the features of mouth and alignment of your teeth. You can change the length, width, color and shape of your teeth due to your perfect smile.

Of course, you can get a celebrity smile, anyone who wishes for it can have it. This kind o cosmetic dentistry is here for you to feel better.

Total cost of Hollywood smile cost in Turkey will be at the range from $5.000 to $9.500. The price of your perfect smile treatment plan can change according to your dental plan.

Absolutely yes! Everyone deserves to more perfect and sincere smile in their life. This is kind of you a gift you have for just yourself.